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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Page 2 — 365. 

Hi guys! How did you spend your new year? Hope everything’s good, and this rainy weather totally makes me wanna skip my work so badly nuuu. 

A short lil update about what has been going on & will be in the next few days. 

  • Successful annual meet up with them primary school classmates who were all still so close to each other. Yes, tiring to coordinate but it was worth it! 
  • Had an early Christmas gathering with my all-time-favourite god family members over @ Boufe boutique Cafe on a Sunday noon. I’m glad, everyone is in good shape & to many years of growing old together. It Instagram worthy place, food is good too! Recommended ☺️
  • Went to prudential carnival, sadly didn’t get on the rides but I’ll definitely be back!!
  • Didn’t feel much for Christmas this year, but managed to catch up with those few that I’ve been missing out all these while.
  • Spend my new year eve/new year @ Wave house Sentosa for count down party! Had a good time but not da injuries that I gained from there. Would have been more careful hahah. Rained the entire night so I guess to prepare for a falling sick season (nooooooo)
  • So I welcomed 2018 with bruises injuries gained @ the party. Naiseeeee guys ):

  • Trippin in 2 days time! Sawadeekup 🙏🏻
  • Feeling great because first time celebrating my birthday overseas (idk why so excited abt it because probably no one will celebrate for me anymore) sorry kinda depressing 😢
  • Hope it doesn’t rain when I go over there meh
  • Will do an overall update after I get back! So stay tuned! 

Last but not least, I guess as you grow older, there are more things added to the list of resolutions. As 2017 has been kinda a disastrous year for me. Learning things the hard way wasn’t easy, but I’m thankful for those who was there for me, give me a wake up call, scolded me for being so naive & trusted people too easily. YES I LEARN MY LESSON. Oh gosh. Fuck that negative vibes, I’m going to get my shitz back & reach the damn goals.

  • be a better me, stay positive
  • be more discipline
  • do not do things that I’ll regret, yolo
  • SAVE MONEY!!!!!!!!
  • stay healthy and keep up with exercise routine
  • reach 56kg and below!!
  • get bike/car license by the end of year 2018

Probably that’s all for now? More to come! 
Stay tune for my updates! 

Joycee.T @1/02/2018

s t a r d u s t
Tuesday, December 19, 2017

"I met you in the dark, you lit me up. You made me feel as though I was enough."

Isn't it funny when you're so tired from a day at work, want to go home and lie on the bed trying to sleep, but your mind starts working like a midnight train? Are there anything that you want to tell someone but you didn't had the courage to? Wishing you had a second chance in doing something you thought you could mend?

Just these few months of alone time, I began to realize that all along I'd not been pampering myself enough. I have the tendency to care for others more than myself, of course in a good way. (i'm not an alcoholic anymore hahah). Okay serious, don't get me wrong i'm not a selfish person. What comes around goes around. And yes, lost a few friendships that i really cherish. I wished things would still remain lovely and cute, ticking our bucket list together. 
Oh well, i wished the best for you. - A.

Secondly, this is to my girlfriend. Whom i've known her for the past 14 years of my life. Things gets tough and rocky, but i know you'll always be able to overcome it. Because nothing holds you down. We don't always get what we want in life, but you never fail to find ways to get what you want. Don't stop yourself from reaching your goal by surrendering yourself to those negative thoughts. Be strong girl, i will and always be here for you whenever you need me. Be it ranting, lending you a shoulder to cry on, go on shopping sprees and cafe hopping. ily babe.

Last but not leastThank you to whom you know you're, for pulling me out from the flames knowing i was burning myself with fire. It may be just silent words, but it warmed up my heart. I thought i would never be able to find the courage to step out, but with your encouragement i did it. I've never been so intimidated by the words you spoke that night breaks me down. Thank you for giving me this wake up call, on how i should start doing something for myself and loving myself more. I had never felt so weak and neither do i show that side of me to someone who barely knows me. I am grateful and appreciate every time spent with you. Thank you. 

Till then xx.
Joycee.T @12/19/2017

Not at all.
Sunday, October 8, 2017

How i wish time would just stopped at those days when i was living care-freely, problem free and focusing on myself. It's tough these days trying to read people's mind and ended up fking up my own brain. Just felt like nothing is going well, not even a bit. Perhaps, i should just disappear, for until it gets better.
Joycee.T @10/08/2017

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Fear, is something that always stop us from taking our first step. But at the same time, we want things to work. Have you ever got so fed up with yourself because you just can't fking decide which one to go for or decide for yourself?

Felt really stupid and fakin'  dumb for putting others first & spending effort into something that I don't see it coming back. One way traffic — I would named it that way. Often, did I get scolded or reminded by my friends to think for myself and still, repeats the same old mistakes, again and again.

Sometimes, I think I deserved it.
Joycee.T @8/31/2017

Starting over.
Sunday, July 9, 2017

It's been a long time since i last update xx Am really sorry guys, i tried to keep this going but always end up procrastinating. Need to keep up with this habit or else people are gonna start throwing eggs at me (lols). Just a'lil update about what has been going on and all.

Am still recovering from a heartbreak, it was really tough, to get through because there's just too much to handle. However, i believe if God closes a door, he opens another. And yes, i will come back stronger and hopefully independent.

Started on a new full time job, which is totally off from what i'd been studying all along. I guess i just needed a break? Or maybe, i don't really know what i want yet. For now, just wanna work my ass off and go for a holiday? hahhaha. And yessssssa, i can't wait for my trip in sept!

Stay tuned!
Joycee.T @7/09/2017

Try again.
Wednesday, May 10, 2017

" It's dangerous to be immersed with the thought of someone all the time, and never get sick of it "
Joycee.T @5/10/2017

Back alive.
Monday, December 19, 2016

After much procrastination, I've decided to make my blog alive again. It's been eight months since I last updated this blog. It's been with me throughout like 9 years? Sigh, time flies.. Anyway, back to the topic, i'll keep this post short and sweet because i'm about to cut long story short for what I've done/happenings for the past eight months!

       May'16 - June'16
  • Exams, and loads of exam.
  • Final academic semester that sums up my entire 3 years in polytechnic!
       July'16 - October'16
  • Spend most of the days in hospital ~ 8weeks (ughh).
  • Had a happy time working @ Geron, OT & day surgery
  • Mad love for Day Surg! OMG
  • Seen and been through many things
  • Definitely not a A&E person (too fast I feel like I should be the one admitted)

       November'16 - 4th December'16
  • Spend my holidays working
  • half of the time worrying for PRCP )))))):
  • *spend the last weekend over @ Zouk at Jiakkim, I'll miss you 😢
      5th December'16 - 24th Feburary'16
  • Going to have my 3months of internship @ Mount Alvernia
  • Decorations made by my ward is very (fucking) nice, effort spent took them 3months
  • Sucks cos' there's no canteen/food court but the food they provide for staff is SUPER sedap
  • good because I don't need to sweat like dog
  • still trying to adapt and make the best out of it!

That's all I have for now!
Stay tune for the upcoming entries!
Joycee.T @12/19/2016

Lost .
Friday, April 29, 2016

Sometimes I feel like the whole world against me, I don't know anymore.
Joycee.T @4/29/2016